Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Memories from the past

What a weird thing to say, really. Ofcourse memories are from the past, how else would they be memories? They can't be from the future.

Anyway today I made some bread. They are sort of based on a danish bread dough - the one where you squish butter into it and then fold it in three before rolling it out and repeating those steps a few times. These breadrolls smell and taste great but what's more - they bring back memories from a bakery by my grandmothers apartment. They had breadrolls that were square and with cheese on top and they were.. not quite flaky but the bread was in several layers inside and you could split the breadrolls with your hands if you wanted to. The bread wasn't very fluffy but with all the layers inside it - they still werent very dense.

Does anyone recognize this description? I would love to either find a bakery or a recipe for these bread rolls! Leave a comment if you think you can help me. =) Please

These are what I made today. Not quite the same but still very good.

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