Tuesday, October 11, 2011


After Making the Hello Kitty cake I had quite a bit of leftovers. There was some After Either fluff, a whole lot of pear mousse and HEAPS of buttercream still in the fridge. At the same time my mother saw the cake and was drooling over it but never got to taste it because it was for my friend whose birthday was coming up. So I decided to whip up another batch of chocolate sponge and make some small replicas of the cake that I made for my friend. I did this by taking a round cookie cutter and taking out as many small rounds as I could from the chocolate sponge that I made. The result was three small, very tall cakes. They sort of remind me of the Mad Hatter's hat because they are so tall that they each ended up a little bit crooked. Just like the hat. =)

After butchering my chocolate sponge cake with the cookie cutter to the point where I couldn't get any more round pieces out of it I was left with a mess of crumbs and chunks of chocolate cake. I didn't feel like eating it all and I didn't feel like throwing it out so I did what every caker or cupcaker would have done: I made cake pops! Or cake balls in this case because I don't have any pop-sticks.

I crumbled the cake with my fingers and then meassured the ammount, lightly pressed into a deciliter measure. I had 2½ DL of crumbs and I added about 1½ DL of the huge lump of buttercream that I had lying in the fridge. Then I just mashed it together to a paste with a spoon and set it to rest in the fridge while I melted some chocolate. Then I formed the paste into small cake balls and rolled them in the melted chocolate and TA DA! Cake balls.

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