Monday, October 10, 2011

My first cake

Last weekend I prepared my first ever REAL cake. Not the simple ones that I usually make with a store bought base, whipcream and strawberries. Nope, this was an all home made cake which started with a home made chocolate sponge which I split in three and filled. For the first layer I prepared an After Eight fluff and for the second layer I made a pear mousse. This was my first time making a mousse using gelatin by the way. I then made a huge batch of buttercream which I used to frost and decorate the cake with. All decorations are made of buttercream and they are my first every attempt aswell. My first time decorating with roses, my first buttercream painting etc. I'm not entirely satisfied with it but it's not too bad either. =)

Hello Kitty Cake by Cupcake Trainee
Hello Kitty Cake, a photo by Cupcake Trainee on Flickr.

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