Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm So Excited!

I can't say I've baked much lately. Just some various bread and cinnamon rolls. Nothing special but equally delicious. However for my birthday I got a big shopping bag full of cupcake and cake decorating tools, sprinkles ect. from my sisters. One thing that I got was sugarpaste which I have never worked with before and I am so excited to start working on it. Yet my cupcaking has been sort of idle lately. I guess I got bored with just frosting swirls - all I had was a couple of star tipped piping nozzles and 2 round hole nozzles. BUT NOT ANYMORE! I have just ordered a 52 piece piping set. Yes thats right. FIFTY TWO pieces in a nifty little box. Rose pins included. I can't wait til I get them so that I can start practicing.

Oh, I almost forgot. I signed up with bloglovin. Mostly for my own sake because I keep getting lost in my blog-jungle that I have created in my Favorites folder but in order to claim this blog as my own I have to post this little strip of code here so if you feel up to it Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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