Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Apple Pie

A few years ago I didn't even like apple pie. In fact, I hated it. It was something about cooked apples that just I just didn't get along with. To make thing even strangers I also loved apples. I could easily down five apples a day and they would always be Granny Smith apples. Those were the only ones I really liked. Still to this day I pretty much only eat Granny Smith apples.

Anyway, yesterday I wanted to bake so I flipped through my The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook book and as I flipped past the apple pie recipe I remembered that Somebody in my environment loves apple pie. So I would have someone to feed it to! And sure enough, most of it is gone already, although personally I would have liked some sweetness added to the pie crust. The recipe for the pie crust that the book uses only calls for flour, salt, butter and some water. This kind of crust I would normally use for savoury pies. Everybody else seemed to like it tho so maybe it's just that I have a monstrous sweet tooth?

Now, this part isn't in the book or in the picture but from the sugary cinnamon water that was left over from boiling the apples I decided that rather than to waste all that nummy flavor I would make a apple cinnamon syrup. After I removed the apples from the pot I continued to boil the water mixture until it started to thicken. By then the butter started to seep out which I then removed as much as possible of. This syrup/sauce is really good if server hot with the cooled off apple pie. I would almost say it's better than the pie itself!

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