Sunday, June 17, 2012

Why complicate things? Sugarpaste

I've seen stores that sell special trays and tools for putting your cut out sugarpaste flowers and such on while they dry up and harden. Some people are clever enough to use empty egg cartons. That works well with larger flowers, but with the smaller ones it can be hard to get them back out without breaking them and the depth of the box can make the flower look odd - like the petals are out to get you!

This time my solution was this: have you ever seen the really tiny cups, not the ones for mini cupcakes but the really really small ones? I always end up storing a box of them for years way back in my cupboard - there are just so many of them in one package! So i grabbed a few and flattened them out leaving just enough depth to make the perfectly curved sugarpaste flowers. No fuss. =)

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