Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's that time: graduation

The summer is definitely here. Yup.
Every day I hear cars honking and beeping randomly, loudly, happily. For people have graduated! It's hopefully one of the best days of their lives.

One of my best friend's mom asked me to bake the cakes for one of her daughters that is graduating this semester. I must say that it was a great honor that they trusted me with this task, instead of turning to a professional bakery and so I was very nervous!

I have covered and decorated cakes before but let's be honest; covering dozens of cakes in a professional kitchen with professional tools and machines is no match. This however took some more skills and patience, but I did it! And I must say that I'm fairly satisfied with the result and befinitely proud that I pulled it off.

The request for flavours were chocolate, vanilla and strawberry and for the decoration to be like a traditional Swedish graduation cap. When the mom tasted the cake she said it was the best cake she's ever eaten - that really warmed my heart. I better save the recipes in case she asks me to do it again. :p

Here's what they ended up looking like:

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