Monday, May 28, 2012

Lemon Curd

So, what took me so long you ask? Everybody else has already gone bonkers over lemon curd and it's deliciousness. I have no good answer to that question, but this weekend it finally happened... and the bowl was scraped and licked empty(not by me, I promise).

The recipe couldn't have been more simple. I found one that required no separating of eggs and no moment-of-thruth-omg-hurry-! steps. I urge you to try.

All you need is to buy
2 eggs
1,5 dl sugar
2 lemons
50 g butter


Put a pot with some water on the stove, set on medium heat to simmer.
Zest the lemons. Squeeze the lemonjuice.
Add eggs, sugar and lemonjuice to a heatproof(metal) bowl, beat it lightly.
Put the heat proof bowl over the simmering pot of water and whisk continiously until it thickens(about 10 minutes), don't let it boil(it will curdle).
When it's thickened enough, pull it off the heat and add the butter, small cubes at a time. stir until the butter has completely melted.
Set to cool.

Ta da!
That was hard, wasn't it? I know, right?

Here's a picture of my first ever lemon curd. Sadly my camera doesn't handle yellows very well.. but it still looks mouth-watering nummy!

Oh, oh, I almost forgot!
If you make this you HAVE to try it with fresh, sweet strawberries. There's no two ways about it! It's amazing! <3

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