Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Raspberry Mousse Cake

In Sweden we honor our dead once a year on all saints day by going to the graveyard, placing flowers and lighting candles. It's a nice oportunity to stop and just remember. In a stressful world as ours. It is so beautiful this time of the year when the light is fading and the memorial park is full of flowers and candles. It always leaves me in a spiritual mood..

After a fairly cold evening at the graveyard we usually go home and have a nice dinner with family and relatives. Since our family is growing quite large I offered to help out by making desert. This time I decided on a wonderful combination of raspberry mousse on a chewy chocolate mudcake base. It looks professional, tastes wonderful and doesn't require too much effort. This was my first time making a mousse cake so I was a little bit worried about whether I could pull it off or not. Therefore I made a small batch a few days ahead to test the recipe. I made the small batch in large american cupcake liners. This also works great if you want to serve portion sizes. I could even peel the liners off leaving a small portion sized mousse cake. Cute.

Anyway, this is what the actual cakes looked like. I topped them with some chocolate just because I had some melted chocolate left over from when I made the cookies and rather than wasting it I decided to use it to practice.

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