Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sadly I haven't been baking too much lately. You see, I have two main interests in life. One is baking, the other is fitness. It might seem like an odd combination but there you have it. So this summer I've gotten more and more focused on fitness and therefore there's been less room for my baking passion. My freezer is full of cupcakes, cookies, cakes etc. and I've been desperately trying to hand them out to make space for my new ideas.

However, a while back I did bake something. I tasted a Subway cookie that my friend bought and I was inspired to find this recipe, or a very simlar one. The quest to find the Subway cookie has begun. This recipe that I tried claimed to be very close to it but as you can see, it really is nothing like it. So the quest continues..

In the picture you see a mix of cookies using the same recipe that have been baked using different methods, temperatures and baking time. All to try to find a cookie that is as close to the Subway cookie as possible.

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